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Papers are requested on the following topics:

Nano-electronics, Nano-electronic Materials for Solid State Devices, Solar Cells and Optoelectronic.

Bio-engineering, Bio-electronics, Bio-sensors, Nano-Bio-technologies.

Quality and Reliability Assessment Techniques and Methods for Devices and Systems

Design for reliability, built-in reliability,
Virtual qualification, reliability simulation,
Extreme environments,
Advanced models for reliability prediction,
Reliability test structures, limits to accelerated tests,
Screening methods, yield/reliability relationship.

Physical Modeling and Simulation for Reliability Prediction

Characterization of defects, defect models,
Numerical simulation, simulation of reliability in integrated circuits.

Advanced Failure Analysis: Defect Detection and Analysis

Electron, ion and optical beam techniques,
Scanning probe techniques,
Static or dynamic techniques, backside techniques,
Acoustic microscopy,
Electric or magnetic field based techniques,
Electrical, thermal and thermo-mechanical characterization,
Sample preparation, construction analysis,
Failure analysis: case studies.

Failure Mechanisms in New Materials and Transistors

Process-related issues, passivation stability,
Hot carriers injection, NBTI, TDDB,
High-K dielectrics and gate stacks,
Low-K dielectrics and Cu interconnects,
Metal migration: mechanical and thermal aspects,
Radiation impact on circuits and systems reliability.

Failure analysis and Reliability of Advanced and Nanoscale Electronics

Non-volatile and programmable cells,
Silicon on Insulator devices,
Compound and wide bandgap semiconductors devices,
Microwave and compound semiconductor devices,
Photonic devices: optoelectronics, lasers and solar cells,
Optical and NTC Interconnects,
MEMS and MOEMS, NEMS and nano-objects.

Power Devices Reliability

Smart-power devices, IGBT, thyristors,
High voltage, high power devices,
Thermal management.

Packaging and Assembly Reliability

Failure mechanisms and environmental constraints,
MCM, CSP, BGA, SiP, WLP, QFN, advanced PCB,
Bonding, solders and joints, connectors, passive elements.

Scientific programme

Tutorials by experts will provide review presentation of relevant topics and Invited Papers will introduce the mainstream topics.
Workshops organized in correlation with the ESREF conference will give the opportunity to exchange the know-how and field returns on specific topics.

For further information concerning the Scientific Program, please contact:
Gaudenzio Meneghesso
ESREF 2012 General chair
University of Padova,
Dept. of Information Engineering


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